Basore Family Farms

Our Story

Basore Family Farms began as a way to directly engage our local community around the importance of agriculture. 

The Basore family has a long history of growing fresh vegetables in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Florida. 

Stephen Basore started Basore Farms, LLC and began growing pumpkins in Michigan 2017 to sell to retailers across the Midwest and into the Southeastern United States. To his surprise, many of the pumpkins he grew were too large for chain stores to sell. His customer base quickly grew to include several agritourism operations throughout Florida. These farms had diversified their operations by hosting fall festivals that desired oversized pumpkins. 

In 2019 Stephen and Krista opened their first farm stand selling pumpkins and produce in Palm Beach County. From this simple farm stand, Basore Family Farms was born. Each year they have grown their pumpkin patch to offer more diverse goods and services to their local community. This past spring, Basore Family Farms managed a blueberry u-pick operation in Loxahatchee, FL.

Basore Family Farms is a fresh way to enjoy time with friends and family.  We continue to partner with local growers and vendors to connect them with people across south Florida.

Basore Family Farms Core Mission

Offer south Florida residents and seasonal visitors an immersive outdoor experience centered around the rich diversity of local agriculture and agricultural knowledge.