About Us

What is You Farm

We developed our farm to incorporate many forms of agriculture. We have rescued animals, honey bees, community gardens, You Pick sunflower fields, chickens and eggs. We specialize in modern farming and grow many beyond organic greens in an indoor controlled environment. Greens include but not limited to, lettuce, arugula, kale, parsley, chives, basil, cilantro, microgreens, wheatgrass and barleygrass.

But why do we call it You Farm? Well we offer families an opportunity to farm their own products. Have you ever wanted to farm your own eggs? At You Farm you can! Are you looking for a consistent fresh source of greens? At You Farm you can farm your own greens or purchase freshly harvested product or you can farm your veggies through our community gardens. We call our existing customers You Farmers. If you are interested in more information on becoming a You Farmer please contact Stefan at 561-315-7410.  

Much of what we do is to fund our non-profit You Farm Mission which is designed to educated and help third world countries be fully sustainable in their food and water production. We are passionate about educating children and families in our local area through camps, classes, field trips and more. We are proud to partner with special education departments to offer a hands on agriculture learning experience and strive to offer our assistance when needed.

Many drive by our farm and wonder what we do. The description above summarizes much of it but we are constantly evolving to suite the needs of our local community. Therefore we are always open to suggestions and look forward to welcoming you and your family to You Farm. 


About Us

The heart of our family is to share You Farm with as many people as possible. To leave a legacy to our children we can be proud of and to build You Farm on strong foundations of Faith, Hope, and Love.  For us it's not about the money but about the impact we have not only in our region but around the world. Therefore much of what we do on the farm goes to support those in need and to promote family unity. 

Why did we take such bold steps? Well, we noticed a need! Global climate change and over development has begun to affect us with less farms, poor food quality and high food cost.Our children are being raised not understanding the basic principles of sustainable and local food production.  If schools don’t teach our children how to grow food where will our future food come from? You Farms mission to help schools educate on this subject will show our next generation that modern farming is actually pretty cool.

Our problems at home however do not compare to some of the challenges our neighbors around the world face. Global warming is a real threat and will continue to impact our future generations.  Modern farms will have a need for all education levels including engineers and scientist.

Simple facts

Florida imports most of its lettuce from California. Traveling over 2200 miles to get to your home. We can and will solve this problem and have already begun working with local officials on how to grow a year round crop of local lettuce. This product will not be affected by air pollution, hurricanes, pests, heat, and over/under watering.

Another fact is that most gated communities such as ours has an average of 2 to 3 acres of unused and underutilized land prime for food production. However, many of these communities and county laws make it illegal to use this land for food production.

This is where You Farm steps in. We took action by developing our farm to be the example. Our goal is to create awareness with local Communities, Schools, Governments, and Developers. Teaching them how properly utilize a small space to produce a lot of fresh local food using both traditional and modern farming techniques.

Imagine if communities came together to create gardens that would produce fresh organic produce right in their backyard common areas. Not only would it bring communities and families together it would create an educational environment where families could trade and barter produce in community wide harvest festivals. Imagine if 5, 10, 20, 100 communities participated, how much we could produce by simply working together. The overabundance of produce could be donated back to local food banks and fill a need of providing fresh produce.


You Farm mission

After years of development we created our first non-profit company You Farm Mission. Our passion to teach third world countries how to be sustainable using modern day farming techniques quickly became a priority. Working with local partners who dig wells and who specialize in chickens and goats, we can offer a small town a fresh source of water, all the sustainable proteins, and disease fighting greens to supplement their nutrition. Turning a very unhealthy town into a healthy sustainable village.

Instead of simply sending food to these destinations once a year we will send them farming supplies that will aid their yearly sustained food production. In just one 40 foot shipping container we can grow over 2 acres of sustainable crop. We build these farms in a box here at You Farm. We then seed them and with the help of solar power we will turn them on and place them on a ship. By the time it reaches its third world destination it would be ready for harvest. With You Farm there to welcome these containers we can begin educating a town on taking their first sustainable steps. This however is not easy and it begins with you. Please show your support through donation or supporting us through one of the many events we have on our farm. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and learning about all the ways we hope to impact not only our region but those around the world. 



Stefan and Shelby Horbonis: Chief Executive Farmer & Owners