Vendor Online Application

Vendors/Tenants Please Read Carefully

Vendors we are looking for the best of the best. This daily public market will provide an opportunity for you to sell your products daily to the many customers in our area. We are looking for niche products, Flowers, Plants, Ice Cream, olive oil, family apparel, embroidery, health and wellness, Vintage, Dessert, Coffee, Juice, Fresh produce, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner vendors.

Space is limited. Market will be open daily Monday - Saturday 7am - 8pm and closed on Sunday. We are looking for permanent tenants who will setup their mobile storefront and leave it on the farm. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner vendors you may have the option to stay all day or leave however staying consistent with space and hours is a must. 

Vendor Pricing

Permanent Vendors $1000 Monthly: Vend M-Saturday during any open hours Same space build your brand sell a lot of product. Permanent vendors must have their own secure trailer, truck or commercial style tent with secure walls. 

4 Hour Vendors $500 Monthly: Same space daily for 4 hours

Daily Niche Vendor $100 daily: Pick a day or days and join us on the farm to sell your amazing niche products. 


Advertising and Market Branding

Your products will be advertised on our website and social media outlets. We will require banners and signs as they will be used to market your products to the thousands of cars that pass our farm daily.  

We will allocate a significant amount of resources to marketing and branding of this new open air public market. We strongly feel this will be a great opportunity in this tough time to help you get your products to market safely. Once we have our vendor lineup complete we will build our marketing campaign around your products and will get people excited to make You Farm their daily stop. 


Think of our Public Market as a new innovative store front.  If you don't already have infrastructure you may consider an investment in a trailer, truck, mobile shed, commercial secure tent. We will ask all vendors to bring their own unique look and feel to this market. Not all vendors who contact us will be accepted. 


To be considered as a vendor please call 561-315-7410 today for more information.