The Yard at You Farm Vendors

Vendors Welcome to the Freshest and Newest event venue in Florida! We are excited you have considered The Yard at You Farm to showcase your products. With a reach of over 20,000 existing customers and an amazing social media presence we are confident that The Yard will become the next GO TO destination for many in our local community and beyond. We are in fact searching for the best! If you have a product you would like to sell Food, Merchandise, Beverages and more, consider signing up from one of our 3 vendor options. 


Shipping and Receiving from food distributors 6 days a week. Refrigeration, Storage, Truck/Trailer Parking, Large Event Venue, 6 Day a Week Operation. Ice Machine, Venue Entertainment, Consistent Revenues, Low Fuel Cost, Propane, Social Media Blasts to thousands of customers!

How it works

Ambassador Vendor $1000 per month- Be our first anchor vendor who will sell 6 days a week consistently at You Farm. These vendors need approval before signing up. Contact us at 561-315-7410 to be considered as an ambassador. First Month on the farm is 1/2 OFF! Priority space will be given. Price includes complimentary space at our events. Truck parking and storage is available! Refrigeration space is also available. Shipping and receiving from major distributors is available. 

Come and Go Vendor $1500 per month  - You will have access 6 days a week to sell your products on the days and times you choose! We will include truck parking and storage in this price. Come and Go vendors have priority space over daily vendors. 

Daily Vendor $85 per day - Choose from our daily options. If you are only interested in certain days of the week simply select this option. We cannot guarantee availability on the weekends with this rate. Contact us for more information. 

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